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If something doesn't work, please consider opening an Issue
with as many details as possible, as well as the console log.


There are 3 different version name that you need to be aware of:

  1. stable - This will be the most stable version of the emulator both code and cores will be tested before release. It will be updated every time a new version is released on GitHub. This is the default version on the Demo.
  2. latest - This will contain the latest code but use the stable cores. This will be updated every time the main branch is updated.
  3. nightly - This will contain the latest code and the latest cores. The cores will be updated every day, so this is consiterd alpha.


There is a new CDN that you can use to get any version of the emulator. The cdn is You can use this to get the stable, latest, nightly and any other main version by setting your EJS_pathtodata to<version>/data/.



   A library overview for your ROM folder.


Run a local server with:

npm i
npm start

>> When reporting bugs, please specify that you are using the old version

Supported Systems


Game Boy Advance   |  Famicom / NES   |  Virtual Boy Game Boy   |  SNES   |  DS   |  64


Master System   |  Mega Drive   |  Game Gear   | Saturn   |  32X   |  CD


2600   |  5200   |  7800   |  Lynx   |  Jaguar


PlayStation   |  Arcade   |  3DO   |  MAME 2003

PSP is not yet supported. Some of y'all may have seen that I pushed a "beta" ppsspp core, but this core is not ready for daily use. It still crashes randomly and any games that use 3d (so like, all of them) will just have a white screen (and might just crash). Do not open issues related to the "psp" core.